A Message From Brandi

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Do you remember Sunday school? Goliath was a giant, he was undefeated, menacing and a paralyzing presence in his time. Goliath is our refugee crisis and the apathy it breeds. In particular, this giant is most devastating in that it is destroying the lives of the truly innocent, the hope of the world - children.

To quote Barack Obama – “These children are no less curious, hopeful and worthy of love than our own”. Instinctually, we understand this with such sobering clarity that it paralyzes us, frozen in the realization that Goliath might just be too big.

I am not big, or tall, or rich, or very powerful at all, are you? I close my eyes at the movies and although I’ve dreamed of being a singer my whole life, I’ve never really wanted or achieved monumental fame. I’ve lived in proximity to it for long enough though to know that The Story might be the biggest rock I’ll ever get my hands on and that’s more than enough for me. The Story is our rock, I’ve never had much of an arm though… and this story isn’t about me.

You are David.

Be David.

Join Me, Dolly, Tim, Phil, Dave, Cary Ann, Michael, Kris, Kelly, Chris, Seth, Scott, Jim, Ketch, Chance, Kevin, Critter, Morgan, Cory, Laura, Lydia, Amy, Emily, Mike, Matt, Stone, Jeff, Eddie, Mackenzie, Ruby, Anderson, Miranda, Margo & Adele. They are David.

This one is up to you. We’re giving this thing all we’ve got. Everyone is donating all proceeds to War Child UK. Charity projects like this don’t come along every day; even the major record label putting this album out is donating their proceeds to War Child UK. We are going to witness radical cavalry and compassion because we choose to.

Help us make this album a gift to kids and a way forward. Please buy Cover Stories, and if you can’t - tell fifty people about it, volunteer, put your weight into it. I don’t care if you’re right or left handed, wrap your fingers around this thing and launch the son of a bitch right at the evil eye.

Be David.

Thank you,